Lessons Learned

by Harry

In the middle of a pandemic, yes, easy to see many affected to being stir crazy, the onslaught of radio and television focuses on a what seems as a Repeat play of the same information, and overall feeling at times as if you are going crazy.

In trying to make myself comfortable through many uncomfortable radio messages, one resounding with me and was absolutely the truth.

In describing what we knew as “normality” before the pandemic, it might not be evident but there are aspects present now that should remain to improve what we didn’t realize we had. It is unusual to be off the “hamster” wheel of always having to move forward, always have to do more, higher, more, etc and hopefully, the realization that a pandemic should not be the reason to find time to realize time to simply be able to think, and think over your day without interruption for long periods, wow, what a difference. This should be one staple of our lives day in and day out – and the things we are able to create, decide and do, it speaks volumes without saying a word.

Yes the pandemic is awful and not wanted by everyone, and yet while cracks exist to show weaknesses that have been exposed, it is a great opportunity to take steps to examine and approach weaknesses in a support system for salaries, health, business support and so much more. Simply putting band-aids with the hope to move on past this momentary pause and not long term could be disastrous and given we have time, hopefully citizens will also realize now is a good time to reach out to those who represent us and take into consideration suggestions that can solidify better measure for everyone as a whole.

The chance to reach out to relatives, friends, and realizing that away from screen time and wanting to limit that knowing how much is available, actually has been causing an appreciation for knowing technology is there, but does not have to be everything. Old fashioned letter writing, reading, organizing, picking up new hobbies of creativity, and so much more; it is funny, I actually feel better when I feel inside I am balancing something other than screen time- it is difficult to pull away once sucked in but once knowing a limited time is okay and time away is even better – priceless.

I have learned to carve out time in my day for me, creating time to read, to reflect, and as a result better impacts results will occur in the end.

Creativity is a huge factor, and my wish is for more people to give themselves more time for – themselves, as well as for creativity. Time is previous, and often not realized until something force individuals to use time in a different way. During this unnatural pandemic, the creativity that educators are using that involves SOME technology and also challenging individuals to think about concepts outside of technology, there is space and time to be invaluable during this time of crisis.

Reaching out to others and thinking more on the jobs that exist that keep us healthy, front line workers, low paid positions, and more, the hope is if each of us can reach out and thank those that give their time for each of us on a daily basis, instead of waiting for something to bring us face to face with that realization, would change much.

I have learned to carve out time in my day for me, creating time to read, to reflect, and as a result better impacts results will occur in the end. Cultures are built on reflection as a priority as I noticed in Mexico, and it changed me. I wrote more, I blogged more, I connected with people more on a personal, conversational basis. Now with restrictions that force time to be in place, my hope is for myself, and for others, we are able to truly turn a deadly situation into one where we will grow together in healthier ways for our lives, as well as for others. Maintaining the time and space that we never knew existed should be a “norm” all the time, and would benefit everyone in the long term, with no threat to our lives forcing this to occur.