Invisible Bars

by Barry

Getting stronger everyday I stay quarantined

Six feet away

Free to go out, but not close

I want to be free to do things, but cannot

People need to be close

Hugs, I miss them

Kids, grandkids – really miss them

Their noise, pandemonium – never thought I’d miss that

Pandemonium has given way to pandemic 

The cases, the deaths, they mount everyday. When will it crest, When will we flatten the curve?

We are not a patient people, we Americans.

Live in PA, do everything in DE. NO MORE. Could get arrested

Cannot visit our beach house, the Mayor has said so. Cannot risk

overloading the medical system there. I get it. Just don’t like it

Invisible bars, building “strength” to break out

Not enough beds, not enough respirators, not enough tests

Not enough nurses and doctors

They are the heroes today. Let’s say a prayer for them and for us

Won’t be able to hold  our new born grand  baby after the birth this month. Have to wait. We are not patient. Tears

Virtual concerts and inspirational songs. More tears. Love the technology

We will never be the same.

Let’s fix the problem and not resort to fixing the blame as we like to do. No purpose. No one saw this coming like this

Overload of Covid Info. Does everyone feel they need to send COVID -19 updates?

Wash your hands and sing happy birthday.

Where’s my mask? Where are my rubber gloves? What day is It?

Schools closed, restaurants closed, stores closed, churches and synagogues closed.

Online school and religious services.  Not the same. Need to interact with people

Hair is growing longer. Time to try that pony tail I never could because of my job.

Primary elections on hold. Sorry Bernie. Sorry Joe. That is your sacrifice I guess.

The world is suffering. A true World War. No one, no place is being spared

Zoom meetings, business, family, friends

Pray the internet and electric continue to work

Eating everything in sight

Face masks and rubber gloves

At risk people, older, medical issues

Unemployed millions!

Neighbors wrote us a note. “We are here for you”. Groceries, Meds, they’ll pick up for us. Guess we really are old. Kindness happening

Daily updates from our President, Vice President and the task force.

Fauci and Birx. The best of the best. Calm, straight forward, factual. Should be on Time Magazines’ front cover. People of the year.

Binge watching Outlander, Homeland

Missed Phillies opening day. The world didn’t come to an end.

Stock market plunges, then rises, then plunges some more. Ugghhh

Cruise was cancelled. Missed the tulips in Amsterdam.

Home schooling, walks with the kids. Bonding. Who knew?

Mercy ships in LA and NYC

Write it down for posterity, for our unborn grand baby and our 2 YO

so they will know what happened

We are a strong people. We are Americans

Invisible bars – will be broken and we will escape back to our lives