COVID-19 Changed My Views of the World Around Me

by Kimberly

I couldn’t just drive to campus, attend classes, and occasionally skip class to hang out with college friends. Now I had to stay in my house all day, attend classes via Zoom, and make time to chat with friends via Discord or Zoom. My house was no longer just a place where everything I owned sat and where I could sleep every night. It was now something much, much more.

I miss a lot of things from the old normal. The new normal kinda sucks. I miss the spontaneity of life. I miss hugging my friends, smelling their cologne/perfume, and feeling their hands in mine. I miss laughing with them in New York, playing games at their apartment, and just hanging out in the same place as them. I miss being able to walk around my college campus and see tons of different people: those I used to be friends with in high school, those I used to have crushes on, my professors, random students. I miss wandering around campus, enjoying the changing of the trees from winter to spring.

I wonder what’s going to happen to concerts, to sporting events, to in-person classes. Will they cease to exist after all this is over?